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Kitchen Intern

Tenerife Job Training S.L. - Otra Actividad

Key Responsibilities
• To be fully aware of the preparation and service of all dishes on the hotel menus.
• To prepare and present dishes on hotel menus according to customer requirements.
• To ensure food materials are stored correctly and rotated to meet company and legal requirements.
• To keep food wastage to a minimum.
• To maintain high standards of working practices in terms of personal appearance and safe and hygienic working practices.
• To practice the correct and safe use and care of all items of equipment.
• To report all damage, hazards and wear and tear occurring within your areas of work.
• To assist with the ordering of food materials as required following company procedures.
• To be fully aware of and strictly observe Food Safety regulations and requirements.
• To be fully aware of and comply with hotel and company rules and regulations
• Respect for hygiene and equipment
• Respect for the instruction given by management
• Willingness to work hard
• Food preparation tasks (mincing, garnishes, etc)
• Hot and cold cooking tasks (simple cooking, seasoning, etc)
• Cleaning and tidying the area allocated to him or her

Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired:
• Knowledge of kitchen equipment
• Complete command of culinary basics
• Active listening skills: implementing the advice offered
• Paying attention to detail and quality: respecting the instructions given
• Team spirit
• Adaptability
• Organize the working spaces in a rational way, assure the efficiency and cleanliness state of tools and equipments, follow the rules about safety and hygiene.
• Use the working techniques and tools to prepare and serve food;
• Foreign languages - Knowledge of the main structure and content of the foreign languages including the meaning and spelling of words, rules of composition, and grammar;

Tasks of the trainee:
• Follow sanitation guidelines
• Adhere to safety procedures
• Pitch in and work as part of a team
• Handle equipment, appliances, small wares, supplies, and tools
• Perform operating procedures
• Prepare and cook food items
• Communicate effectively with co-workers and managers

Accommodation, meals and pocket money included in the internship offer.

Otro(a) Profesional
Kitchen Intern (Otras Especialidades)
5 Vacantes

Todas (Comunidad Autónoma Todas)


Experiencia Laboral No es necesaria
Estudios mínimos Educación Secundaria Obligatoria
Requisitos mínimos You should be a student.


Tipo de contrato Contrato laboral en prácticas
Duración 3 - 9 months
Jornada Laboral Jornada Completa
Salario comentarios (comisiones/incentivos) 150€

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